EduFirst is a joint education initiative between the Good Intentions Foundation, Fly High, Brave Minds, the ASEAN Youth Organization, the ASEAN Youth Journal, and the Rotary Club of Alabang Madrigal Business Park. Together, our six nonprofit organizations shall provide 100% free online tutoring services to underprivileged youth, including those with learning disabilities, worldwide.

Many children from URMs (underrepresented minorities), especially in developing and transition economies, lack the same access to education as their more privileged peers. This can be attributed to many reasons—institutional discrimination, worse internet connection, and more. At EduFirst, however, we aim to combat this social injustice through the use of science and technology.

We are training board-certified educators across the globe in the EduFirst program, putting them through training modules—including those intended to accommodate students with learning disabilities—before providing them with EduFirst tutor certification. Here is a list of incentives for our tutors:

 EduFirst tutor certification (valid for two years after issue date)
 Two volunteer hours for every one hour spent tutoring

 Repeated interaction with nonprofit executives
 Letters of recommendation from GIF CEO Pranav Giridhar, FH CEO Jalen Patel, BM CEO Anna Maria Victoria Castro, AYO-PHI Director Justin Ho Guo Shun, and AYJ Manager Enrico Julag-ay.

Underprivileged children can now fill out our Student Application Form, and tutors who wish to help can fill out our Tutor Application Form. GIF, FH, BM, AYO, AYJ, and Rotary cannot wait to come together and help those in the world who are struggling.